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Top 5 Outdoor Celing Fans

52" Casa Delta-Wing Bronze Outdoor Ceiling Fan
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Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Bronze Outdoor Ceiling Fan
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Westinghouse56-Inch Three-Blade Ceiling Fan
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Merrimack 52-in Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Light Kit and Remote
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Hunter 53292 52" Ceiling Fan, Bronze
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Speeds 3 - Speeds 3 - Speeds 3 - Speeds 3 - Speeds 3 - Speeds
Wattage 58 - watts 40 - Watts 57.7 watts 58 Watts 63 Watts
Rating Damp Rated Damp Rated Wet Rated Wet Rated Damp Rated
Light Kit Included/ Integrated Included Not Included (can be Purchased and Installed separately) Included Not Included
Warranty Limited Lifetime Motor Warranty + 1 Year Component Parts Limited Lifetime Motor Warranty + 2 Year Component Parts Limited Lifetime Motor Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty Limited Lifetime Motor Warranty
Features Three Solid Wood Blades, Energy-Efficient, Hand-Held Remote Control for Controlling fan speed and light, Built-in Light Fixtures Two fan heads, a total of 6 blades and two motors, Integrated light kit that may or may not be installed as per convenience and preference, reverse airflow, Remote control adaptability 5 plastic blades, Whisperwind outdoor motor, 3 position mounting system, Corrosion and tarnish resistant hardware and finish, Energy star rated signifying it meets the requirements set by the u.s environmental protection agency. Contemporary Design, Integrated Light fixtures, 3-speed reversible AC motor, 5 Weatherproof blades, Lifetime of durability, Energy efficient Led and Quality controller, Powerful quiet motor technology WhisperWind Motor, Energy star, Reversible motor- Shifts direction of fan from down-draft mode to up-draft mode, 5 Reversible blades included, Stainless Steel Hardware to prevent rust, Pull chain for easy on-off to prevent rust.

If you have an outdoor seating area or a patio, then you should definitely consider investing in a good outdoor ceiling fan. Outdoor fans complement the design of the room, and help keep the environment cool and pleasant. In some places, they may even help in keeping the insects away.

Outdoor ceiling fans come in many different styles and sizes. They vary in terms of design, wattage, light fixtures, the number of blades, air movement and other such features.

Choose the right fan for your home can become quite confusing due to the large number of options in specifications of the fan. Therefore, it is always important to research your options before making the purchase.

This guide will simplify the task of finding your outdoor ceiling fan by helping you evaluate the best options available in the market. We’ve also included a review of top 5 options available in the market to help you narrow down your options.

How to choose the right ceiling fan for outdoors

A number of factors determine the kind of fan that is required at your home. Following are some considerations that will help you simplify the process of buying an outdoor ceiling fan:

1. Usage location: Fan Ratings

Location is an important determinant in finding the type of ceiling fan that you will need. Indoor and outdoor fans are quite different from each other.  The fans that are used indoors are usually dry rated. If Indoor fans are used outside, they may get damaged due to corrosion. The fans that are used outdoors have additional layers of protection to prevent corrosion and damage due to exposure. Before you go out to buy the fan, ask yourself where you will be using the fan. 

Will you be using the fan in a covered outdoor location or an uncovered deck or patio? If you’re using the fan in a covered outdoor location, then buy a damp rated fan.  A damp rated fan works well in locations where there is indirect exposure to precipitation. In other words, it operates well in damp environments.

However, if you plan to install the ceiling fan in a location that may receive direct exposure to moisture such as snow and rain then get a wet rated ceiling fan. Wet rated ceiling fans have been built with proper insulation that prevents them from corroding in wet weather conditions outdoors.

2. Ceiling Fans Lights

Ceiling fans come with or without light fixtures. The choice to get light fixtures or not in your outdoor fans depends completely on your personal preference. If you plan to place the fan in a location that is already lighted well, then it is recommended to get a fan without light fixtures as that will be less expensive than getting a fan with light fixtures. It also depends upon on your aesthetic preferences. Some people choose to buy ceiling fans with light fixtures because of the overall design of the fan.

Ceiling Fans come with three types of Light Fixtures: fluorescent, LED, and Halogen.

3. Ceiling Fans Styles

The style of your ceiling fan should complement the décor of your house.  Ceiling Fans come in many different sizes Following are some of the most popular ceiling fan designs and styles available in the market:

  • Contemporary Ceiling Fans and Designs:

Contemporary Ceiling Fans feature a minimalistic design. They’re built with a smooth metallic finish that complements the style of most modern homes. Use these fans in locations that have a minimalistic design featuring casual contemporary furniture and sleek geometric designs.  Hunter sea air is an excellent example of a contemporary ceiling fan that will add more style into any modern home.

  • Antique Ceiling Fan Designs

Anting Ceiling fans are designed for homes that feature an antique or traditional look. These fans feature carvings and traditional designs on the fan blades and body. These fans often come with warm globe light fixtures to enhance the antique look. Antique ceiling fans are great for vintage enthusiasts. They can be used in cabins, outdoor patios, guest houses and other locations that feature a traditional design.

  • Rustic Ceiling Fans

Rustic Ceiling Fans work well with a country décor featuring wooden furniture and a lodge style décor. If you want to give your home a feel of western interior, rustic fans will be a perfect edition to your home. Pair it up with other accessories in the house such as handmade baskets, carved figurines, pottery and other such items to enhance the country appeal.

  • Tropical Ceiling Fans

As the name suggests, Tropical ceiling fans complement a tropical house décor. These fans come in a variety of different tropical blade designs featuring bamboo, wood and other such island themes. Tropical Ceiling Fans are popular in vacation homes, tropical hotels and other such areas.

4. Ceiling Fan Finishes and Colors

The finish or color of your fan should complement the colors of the room or patio that is installed in. A common practice is that the finish of your fan should match the most common color in the room furniture or hardware.

Review of Our Top 5 Picks

Buying an outdoor fan can become quite confusing due to the magnitude of options available. We’ll help you simplify your decision making process by narrowing the list down to 5 options.  We’ve selected these 5 fans after significant research. They’re the top cream of the fans available in the market.


Casa VieJa Delta is a damp rated outdoor fan that features a modern minimalistic wooden design. With three 52 inch propeller blades, 9-degree blade pitch, and an oil-rubbed bronze finish motor Casa Veija Delta is a good mix of both style and functionality.

It moves a lot of air and makes any outdoor/indoor environment pleasant.  The speed of the fan can be toggled between low, medium and high. Most people set it on either a medium or a high setting unless they live in a cold region.

The Installation for Casa Vieja Delta is a breeze. However, be careful when installing this fan. The instructions for installation have assumed that you’re installing a fan in a light fixture that was never fixed for installing the fan. If your light fixture has already been fixed to support a fan, you can look up the installation instructions online to avoid any problems.

 The fan comes with a built-in light.  It operates quietly and there is no wobbling at both low and medium speeds. It wobbles slightly on high speed when there is a breeze outdoors but that is nothing to worry about.

If you’re looking for a mix of both style and utility, then Casa Vieja Delta is a good option.


The Twin Breeze Outdoor celling fan by Harbor Breeze is a set of two fans packed in one setup each having its own motor. The fan comes with a luminous light kit that adds to the asthetics of the fan. Depending on the preferences of the buyer, the light kit may or may not be used. It comes with a cover, so the Twin breeze can be mounted easily without using the light kit.

The blades are short, but they’re designed to look excellent on a porch. The fan is rated for both indoor and outdoor use. However, based on experience we recommend that you don’t use this fan in places where it may have direct exposure to rain or snow. Use it as you would use a damp-rated fan, and it will last you for years.

The fans circulate the air quite well and they can be rotated in any direction as needed according to the season. Twin Breeze operates with minimum wobble. It can be used in 3 speed settings: Low, Medium and high speed.

Twin Breeze can be noisy when used at high speed, however you can quiet it down if you use it on medium or low settings.

 Due to the unique design, this fan can be difficult to install for an average person. If you plan to install this yourself, read the instructions twice then it won’t seem so difficult anymore. The manufacturers have provided clear instructions that are easy to understand. It is recommended that you install the blades before you mount the fan. This will save you from a lot of frustration. The lights can be installed easily even after the fan has been mounted.

Overall, Twin Breeze by Harbor Breeze is a real bargain when you consider all its features and the unique design. Whether you use it indoors or outdoors, Twin Breeze is sure to get you a lot of complements from your friends and family on its unique design.

3. Hunter Sea Air

Hunter Sea Air is an outdoor five-Blade Ceiling fan designed for extreme outdoor environment. The beauty of this fan lies in its minimalistic style and powerful features that add style and comfort to any location.  The fan has been wet listed making it suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

It comes with the powerful WhisperWind noiseless motor that moves a lot of air. Despite the power, the motor is surprisingly quiet and the fan does not wobble at all not even at high speeds. The fan is strong and sturdy and can sustain itself well even in extreme weather conditions such as rain storms or hurricanes.  These fans are made to last. They’re great for beach and tropical locations as they do not corrode easily.

The installation of Hunter Sea Air is a breeze. It comes with simple instructions, and even an amateur can install the fan without much external help. It comes with a three position mounting system that allows the fans to be installed in all sorts of locations ranging from low and high ceilings to angled ceilings. The fans also include a pull chain that allows the users to toggle between different speeds with ease.

The Hunter Sea Air is Rated Energy-Star by the U.S.A Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S.A department of Energy. It helps protect the environment while providing excellent service.

Backed by Limited Lifetime Warranty, Hunter Sea Air 5-blade Ceiling fan is definitely recommended. Its minimalistic design makes it a fine addition to all contemporary and modern homes. The fans are high quality, trendy and durable. Moreover, Hunter provides excellent customer service to all their customer in case of any problems with the product.

4. Harbor Breeze Merrimack Antique Ceiling Fan

If you’re looking for an Antique fan, Then Merrimack Ceiling Fan is definitely worth consideration. The fan is wet-rated, however it has been known to cause problems after pro-longed use in direct exposure environments. It works quite well in covered outdoors or damp environments.

It comes with a simple dimmer that can be used to toggle between slow, medium and high speed. The fan comes with a remote that can be programmed to be used with multiple Merrimack Ceiling Fans of the same model.  It comes with a light fixture having two bulbs. The bulbs provide sufficient light to find your way around the room. The brightness of the lights can be controlled by the remote.

Merrimack is easy to assemble and install. They come with clear instructions that are easy to implement. These fans come with a 6 inch down rod, however if you want you can purchase longer down rods as well. The wiring that comes with the fans is long enough to accommodate rod sizes longer than 6 inches.

 They’re good at moving air, and don’t make any extra noise during operation. The fan comes with a reversible motor, so it can move both ways. Overall, if you’re looking for an antique fan for your porch you should definitely consider buying Merrimack.

5. Hunter Fan Company Builder Elite Ceiling Fan

The builder elite ceiling fan comes in a traditional design featuring a quiet motor, a variety of finishes and moderate power. The fan is damp-rated which make it suitable for both indoor and covered outdoor environments.

Builder Elite features a reversible motor that can be switched from downdraft mode in summers to updraft mode in winters. It is a nice fan for antique or cabin styled homes. It is extremely quiet. However on the downside, it does not push as much air on high speed as most other fans do at the same price. It’s suitable for use in places with a cool or moderate climate.

The installation of Builder Elite is easy, and it comes with clear instructions that are easy to follow. The fans comes with two down rods so you can install it according to your preference. Overall, if you’re looking for a classy fan for your porch with moderate power, the Builder Elite is definitely worth a look.

Frequently Asked Questions about outdoor ceiling fans

The outdoor ceiling fans are designed to operate in harsher environments as compared to the indoor ceiling fans. Outdoor fans and indoor fans are different in their construction, designs and features as well. Most outdoor ceiling fans are constructed with ABS plastic. The housing of the fan is built with galvanized aluminum or steel. The components of the fan are then coated to prevent corrosion from moisture penetration. Depending upon the ratings of the fan, they can operate in environments having direct or indirect exposure to precipitation or humidity.

There are three different types of ratings of fans:  Dry rated fans, damp rated fans and wet rated fans.

Dry Rated Fans: This is the rating that is given to indoor fans. Dry rated fans are highly sensitive to corrosion due to moisture penetration. They should only be used in dry indoor locations.

Damp Rated Fans:  Damp rated fans are ideal for locations that receive indirect moisture exposure such as covered patios or indoor locations near bathroom or kitchen. 

Wet Rated Fans: Wet Rated Fans are heavy duty fans that are designed to work even under conditions of direct exposure to rain or snow. They’re a great option for all exposed outdoor locations such as decks or gazeebos.

The chances of direct exposure to moisture happening in a covered outdoor location such as a patio are minimal. However, we still need an outdoor ceiling fan because of the humidity in the air. A dry-rated indoor unit may corrode or burn out due to the humidity in the air. Therefore it is recommended to use outdoor ceiling fans even in covered patios.

An Outdoor fan may be used in a number of outdoor locations such as your patio, deck, garage or even your sun room. Outdoor Ceiling fans are a great addition to your outdoor setup as they’re both useful and stylish. Having an outdoor fan will help you keep the outdoor space cool and pleasant.

Generally 3 blades are considered to be good, however they can sometimes become hard to balance. 5 blade fans are generally more popular than 3 blade fans.

The blades of the fans are specifically balanced for the ceiling fans that they work with. If you try to paint your own set of blades, you may risk upsetting the balance between the blades and the ceiling fans. Therefore, it is not recommended that you try to paint your blades yourself. Always contact the manufacturer for replacing or fixing the blades in case of any problem.

For safety purposes a ceiling fan should not hang lower than 7 to 8 feet from the floor.  The blades of the ceiling fan often move quite fast. A low ceiling fan can become a safety hazard if it is installed too low.

The components and parts of a ceiling fan are designed to balance each other out. Therefore most of the components of a ceiling fan cannot be purchased from a local hardware store, they must be purchased directly from the manufacturer. The same is true for downrods. While some downrods manufactured for one ceiling fan may fit in another fan, it is not recommended to undertake such installations. A misplaced or wrong downrod may cause wobbling in the fan.

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